About Emerald Hospital

Emerald Hospital is an running healthcare venture in Kanpur. Situated in densely populated area of Uttar Pradesh, this hospital aims to offer a wide range of health care services ranging from the most advanced super-speciallity services.

The hospital treats not only medicine,gynac and obstetric cases but also have an operation theatre where all general surgeries,laproscopic surgeries,orthopedic surgeries as well as urological, ENT and plastic surgeries are performed.

One of the main reasons for disease codition is lack of exercise. In addition, the hectic lifestyle, inappropriate food habits, irregular sleep patterns are some of the other major contributing factors.

At this hospital, treatment of such problem starts from the grass root level, i.e., lifestyle modification. Patients are also taught ergonomically correct ways of doing things in the daily life that will improve the situation. Diet consultation with individual diet designing according to body physique,disease condition,tradition,taste are one of the special feature.

Then comes the medicinal part of giving proper medication & finally rehabilitation. Hectic lifestyle, busy schedules and need to rush are one of the major factors to cause traffic accidents.

Right treatment at the right time ensures a person near normal recovery. The hospital is fully equipped to handle trauma and accident case including the psychological support to the victim’s family.